Explore the mountain in a fun and very exciting way. This tour has three different activities that will provide you a good choice filled with emotions and sensations that satisfy the most adventurous tourists.

The first activity you will do at Sky River Drift are 3 carbon fiber cables. After these you will arrive at a huge tree platform over 130ft (40m) high where you will descend to a natural river pond. This is an innovative controlled descent device operated hands free, it allows the adventurous to jump from the platform performing a speed controlled vertical descent to the ground hands free to experience a sense of fun and exciting freedom.

Once down, the River Drift adventure will start, traveling on an exciting tour through the Piedras Negras River. Sky River Drift is a fast water path with controlled rapids travelled on individual rafts. The thrill of being carried by the current towards the rapids and the force of inertia that dominates the raft is a mixture in which any adventurer will be satisfied in their pursuit of adrenaline and fun.

What to bring: Enclosed footwear, suitable for hiking and water activities; Comfortable clothing, suitable for aquatic activity; a change of clothes for after the activity.

Restrictions: No sandals or bare feet; no maximum weight limit per person but the harness must fit securely for the tour; a maximum waist size of 44 inches (110cm); children must be taller than 4,7ft (140cm).