For a typical Costa Rican dining experience there’s no better choice than Rancho Club Rio at The Springs Resort and Spa. With native dishes such as Fresh Ceviche, Guava Churrasco, and Arroz con Mariscos, options at Rancho Club Rio are bound to submerge your taste buds in a very traditional Tico dining experience. You are guaranteed to enjoy your meal at this aesthetically beautiful restaurant overlooking the arenal river on one side and lined with the sounds of hummingbirds on the other.

Open for lunch every day, Rancho Club Rio provides the perfect snack and grill setting after an adventure filled morning or afternoon of soaking in Oasis Springs. Whether you’re looking for a full blown Costa Rican dining experience or just a casual drink and snack while watching your family tube down the Arenal River, Rancho Club Rio is sure to cater for whatever your needs may be.