Místico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park is located near the Lake and Arenal Volcano in a Tropical Rain forest. A journey of 3km allows the visitor to comfortably enjoy the forest attractive by 15 bridges and Hanging Bridges 6 of them and visit a waterfall of 45 meters high. The trails are of an anti-slip concrete surface and its slopes have been smoothed and have no stands.

Mistico guided night tour

The primary forest at night is a completely different experience than you can live during the day.

Costa Rica reaches currently 5% (five percent) of biodiversity of the world and that allows the guest a rich observation of species in their forest reserves. Comparing butterfly population we find more than 2,000 species of diurnal and around 4,500 nocturnal butterflies. More than twice! Something similar happens with reptiles, amphibians, mammals and some species of exotic flowers that bloom and are shown only at night because of their habits.

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park offers its guests the possibility of observing the forest in the dark of night with Mistico guided Night tour. The tour takes place on our trails through the hanging bridges. There is a good chance to observe the wildlife herpetofauna as frogs, snakes, lizards; mammals as martillas, coati, margays or ocelots; nocturnal birds like the owl and also singing nocturnal species that inhabit the reserve providing the guest a show in the magical environment embracing the darkness of the night.

What to bring: Insect repellent, waterproof coat, long pants and closed shoes suitable for walking, also bring your camera (the guide will indicate when you can use flash to not disturb the species to be observed).